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Wampum Belt Archive

Original: R D Hamell

August 20 2019

Original Size:

Beaded Length: 213 column. 11 rows. 33.8 by 5.5 inches. Total length: 57.8 inches


2,343 Beads and 22 half beads


Warp: deer leather. Weft: artificial sinew.


The five diamonds represent the original five nations of the Huron (Wendat) Confederacy: Attignawantans (People of the
Bear), Attigneenongnahacs (People of the Cord), Arendarhonons (People of the Rock), Tahontaenrats (People of the Deer),
and the Ataronchronons (People of the Marshes or Bogs).

The center figures represent all Present Day Wyandot/Wyandotte Peoples. The beads which form the wampum belt they are
holding are wampum from 1640’s which re-enforces their commitment to friendship, respect and peace.

Within the pair of hexagons are two sets of Six Directions; the four cardinal points and in the center are the Sky World,
Mother Turtle. Even though the two nations are now separated geographically they are linked together in a covenant bond.


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