Photographs (left to right): All Mohave Desert, California/Nevada

Wampum Belt Photographs Archive


Unknown 005

Belt made by Robert Winters

Belt is on display at the Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park.

Original Size:


The wampum belt portrayed here as an offering "At Woods' Edge Ceremony". A wampum belt of unknown design was presented by Half-King, a Seneca Chief around 1754. The following are the words he spoke.

"Brethren, you came a great way to visit us, and many sorts of evils might have befallen you by the way which might have been hurtful to your eyes and inward parts, for the woods are full of evil spirits. We give you this string of wampum to clear up your eyes and mind and remove all the bitterness of your spirit that you may hear us speak in good cheer." (quote on the plaque by the statue of Half-King at Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park.)

The wampum belt used in the display is most likely incorrect. The statement by Half King indicated he gave a string of wampum, not a belt and the string would have been of white wampum beads, or several strings.


Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park