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Wampum Belt Archive

Two Row Belt

Mohawk Two Row Belt (Heye Collection: 17/5205: Indian Notes -Fig 74, p. 320)

Grand River Belt

Length: 33.5 inches.

Described as a covenant belt and treaty with the English.

Original (Clarke, 1931)

Jake Thomas

Onondaga Two Row

(note on left edge - 2 vertical rows of white wampum)

White shell bead belt with two parallel black shell bead rows which stop

prior to the ends of the belt. 13 rows. Length unknown One end attached leather fringes.

Exchange Newhouse collection, made in 1892-1915.

Unknown Source

Tehanetorens 1999

NYSM E50033

9 rows (3white, 1 black, 1 white, 1 black, 3 white.

Purchased by the institution from Mr. Loder in 1949, who acquired it from William Beauchamp, he obtained the belt

from the Onondaga Nation sometimes after 1898

8 rows. Two parallel black rows separated by 4 white rows in center.

Length: 85.1cm. NMAI 17/5202

Presented by Blair S. Williams in 1930. Purchased from William L. Bryant from William D. Loft,

Collected on the Brantford Reservation, repatriated to the Haudenosaunee Council in 1997.

13 Rows. Two-ways Boundary Commission 1789/Six Nations Two Roads.

Six Nations NMAI 3/1909

Purchased by George G. Heye in 1907. Collected by Thomas R. Roddy in 1899. Repatriated

to the Haudenosaunee Council in 1988.

1. Reproduction R. D. Hamell


2. Reproduction Six Nations Two Row (R. D. Hamell)

March 10 2016

3. Reproduction Onondaga (R. D. Hamell)

January 28 2013

Original Size:
Top Row: Length: 28.0 inches. Width 3.3 inches. Rows: 12. (various sizes are known)

(Belt 1) Beaded length: 56.5 inches. Width 6.0 inches. Total length with fringe: 80.5 inches.

(Belt 2) Beaded length: 38.8 inches. Width 6.0 inches. Total length with fringe: 62.8 inches.

(Belt 3) Beaded length: 23.0 inches. Width: 6.0 inches. Total length with fringe: 47.0 inches.


(Belt 1) Rows: 325 by 13 beads wide. Total 4,225 beads.

(Belt 2) Rows: 233 by 13 beads wide. Total 3,029 beads.

(Belt 3) Rows: 156 by 13 beads wide. Total 2,028 beads.


(Belt 1) Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.

(Belt 2) Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.

(Belt 3) Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.


Also called the Guswhenta Belt. The three rows of white wampum forming the background means purity, good minds, and peace. The two rows of purple wampum represent the two parallel paths of the Whiteman's belief and laws and the other the Native Peoples' beliefs and laws and that they shall never interfere with one another's way of life. Several of these belts and been produced and given by the British as their reassurance to the commitment of separate life styles.

The Two Row Belt signifies an agreement between the Five Nations (Iroquois) and the Dutch government in 1613. This treaty is the basis of all of their subsequent treaties with North American and European governments. There are several Two Row belts with varying numbers of purple and white rows. The Onondaga Two Row has two vertical white rows on the left edge marking European contact (Iakonikonriostra, 2022).


There are several different styles as to the number of purple and white rows.


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