Photographs (left to right): All Niobara County, Wyoming

Wampum Belt Archive

LMS 050568

Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany


Reproduction (glass): R. D. Hamell Feb. 04, 2009


Original Size:

Rows: 8. Length: 73 cm


Rows: 145 by 8 Beaded length: 23.0 inches. Width: 4 inches. W/fringe: 47 inches


Glass Czech. Total: 1,160.


Warp: Artificial sinew. Weft: Artificial sinew.


White glass bead belt with dark blue glass beads.

Purchased by Robert Franck in 1907, collected by Emil W. Lenders, made of same beads as used by Frank G. Speck for recreated Penobscot belt.


Stolle, Nickolaus. 2016. Talking Beads: The history of wampum as a value and knowledge bearer, from its very first beginnings until today. Hamburg, Germany. ISSN 1437-7837