Photographs (left to right): Rio Grande River, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Oatka Creek Park, New York; Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico

Wampum Belt Archive


Oneida Path Belt

Original Belt (Beauchamp, 1901)


Reproduction R. D. Hamell


Original Size:

Length: not given. Width: not given. Rows: 21.


Length: 33.8 inches. Width: 9.5 inches. Total length with fringe: 58.0 inches.




Warp: Deer Hide. Weave: Artificial Sinew.


Oneida Tribal Belt description from:

"The treaty of Paris in 1783 formally ended the Revolutionary war and the tribal belt was assembled in 1784. The reason we have the tribal Oneida belt with the 6 diamonds is that signified the coming together of the 6 Iroquois Nations after the war because they had been split up during the war."

Stolle, Nickolaus (2016)

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois (FMNH A68566) ex Private Collection, collected from Chief Skenando, who received it from his predecessor "Skenandoah".


Beauchamp, William M. 1901. Wampum and Shell Articles Used by the New York Indians. NYSM Bull. 41, No. 8.

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois. Catalog #FMNH 68566

Stolle, Nickolaus. 2016. Talking Beads: The history of wampum as a value and knowledge bearer, from its very first beginnings until today. Hamburg, Germany. ISSN 1437-7837

Oneida Nation Museum:

Oneida American Revolution.