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Wampum Belt Archive


Old Fort Belt

Beauchamp 1901

Reproduction R. D. Hamell November 23 2009


Original Size:

Beaded Length (est). 24.0 inches. Rows: 8. Wool warps


Beaded Length: 21.5. W/fringe: 42.0 inches. Width: 4.0 inches.


Rows: 130 by 8 wide. Total. 1,040.


Warp: Leather. Weave: artificial sinew.


"Old French fort belt of New York, 300 years old" (Beauchamp 19O1, p. 424). "This belt was given to the Indians about 1700 to confirm an agreement by which they were to watch and guard the French forts on the coast" (Merwin 1916, p. 131).

Stolle, Nickolaus: French Fort Belt/Old Fort Belt of New York. Six Nations, ex NMAI 03/1903, purchased by George G. Heye in 1907, bought by Thomas R. Roddy from James Jamieson, Cayuga chief in 1899. Repatriated to the Haudenosaunee Council in 1988.


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