Photographs (left to right): Bracket Fungus, Adirondacks, New York; Black headed Vultures, Florida; Dry Falls, Washington

Wampum Belt Archive


Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Belt


Close up showing the two purple wampum from the 1650's

Original Concept (R. D. Hamell)

March 9, 2021


Original Size:

Beaded Length: 33.5 inches. Width: 6.0 inches. Rows wide: 12.

Total length with fringe: 57.0 inches.


Rows: 211 by 7 beads wide. Total 2,532 beads. Total with have beads: 2,577 beads


Warp: artificial sinew. Weave: artificial sinew. Polymer beads and two true wampum


Red and black polymer beaded belt symbolize the murdered and missing indigenous women and girls. The turquoise is a teardrop representing hope they or their remains will return home. In the center to the teardrop are ancient purple wampum beans (1650's) to have the help of the ancestors guide the women and girls back home.