Photographs (left to right): Grasshopper, Cahokia, Illinois; Water Moccasin, Cedar Key, Florida; Squirrel, Rush, New York

Wampum Belt Photographs Archive


Iroquois Chiefs - Six Nations


Iroquois Chiefs "Reading" the Belts, Brantfort, Ontario 1871


The picture represents the chiefs of the Six Nations, on their reserve near Brantfort in Canada, explaining their wampum belts (Sept. 14, 1871)

These chiefs (left to right):

Joseph Snow (Hahriron) Onondaga chief

George H. M. Johnson (Deyonhehgon) Mohawk chief and government interpreter. Son of John Smoke Johnson

John Buck (Skanawatih) Onondaga chief and wampum keeper

John Smoke Johnson (Sakayenkwaraton) Mohawk chief and speaker of the council

Isaac Hill (Kawenenseronton) Onondaga chief and fire keeper

Seneca Johnson (Kanonkeredawih) Seneca chief


Heye Foundation. Wampum Belts in the Museum of the American Indian.