Photographs (left to right): Cedar Key, Florida; Florida Caverns State Park, Mariana, Florida; Cedar Key, Florida

Wampum Belt Archive

Iroquois - Algonquin Belt

NMAI 9776

Reproduction: Richard D. Hamell 4/25/2011

Belt in "The War That Made America" held by Chief Pontiac


Original Size:



Beaded Length: 57.5 inches. Width: 7.0 inches. Total Length w/Fringe: 81.5 inches


Length: 326 rows by 15 rows wide. Total beads: 4,890


Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.


Jonathan Lainey (2011) pointed out the belt is the Algonquin Tomahawk Peace Belt referenced in Keppler (1929) and in his book (2004). The caption under the photo (below), roughly translated is as follows:

"Wampum this reflects accurately the description that is in the archive the invitation wampum for a 'lift arms' And it all black, it features an illustration of an ax and is dyed red. by cons, oral tradition refers rather to a peace agreement between Iroquois and Algonquin (1670-1671)."

Photograph from "The War That Made America". This belt is very similar to the Caldwell War Belt, but most closely resembles the Algonquin - Iroquios Tomahawk Belt.


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