Photographs (left to right): Mendon Ponds Park, Mendon, New York

Wampum Belt Archive


Huron - Jesuit Belt

Courtesy McCord Museum


Hamell Reproduction Jan 13 20212


Original Size:

Rows: 11. Length: 2.18 meters. 86 inches


Rows: 11. Columns: 270. Beaded Length: 35.0 inches. Width: 5.5. T/length w/fringe: 50 inches.


Polymer: 2,700.


Warp: Deer leather. Weft: Artificial Sinew.



The Huron Belt commemorates the contract made in 1683 between the Jesuit missionaries and Hurons for the erection of the first wooden church on tribal lands. The white cross on the purple background represents loyalty to Christianity. The figures to the left of the cross are Jesuits; to the right, Indians. At the extreme right is the church with its enclosure (McCord).

Gift of David Ross


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Adapted from The Native Americans. Edited by B. & I. Balantine. 1993