Photographs (left to right): Coso, California; Coso, California; Custer State Park, South Dakota

Wampum Belt Archive

Newtown Point 1791 Belt


Drawing of the Newtown Belt

Reproduction R. D. Hamell Dec. 12 2010

Original Size:



Beaded length:


185 columns by 10 row. Total 1,850 beads.


Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.


Reproduction made from drawing. Note the 3rd set of rafters in the drawing were off-set and were not parallel. Reason unknown.

Red Jacket Speech at New point

You say you desire to make peace with them. Now you often to our French we will show you that we are equally strong for peace. We hope the Great Spirit will …. ….. to make the Shawnee and Delawares, the strongest bad(?) nations in that country, take hold of the speeches? He was to deliver to them, and on his return, enable him to bring back the pipe of peace. Now …. …. Of out friends have, our nephews*, in council, are going on the same ….. with Brant. We hope they also will succeed, and that those nations may be brought to take hold of the chain of friendship with the U. States. When they return, so many as they bring with them, we will lay before them yours speeches; and we doubt not they will accept of them.

When the white people have a fancy to go to another part of the country, they go; and your people are scattered over all the country. Our people do the like. No if you happen to take one of our people …… we hope you will not use him ill: remember the speeches you have made.

You have now heard our? Speech in council. We wish congres(s) to be very careful how they speak; and to speak to us of nothing but peace; and we desire they would do the same among their own people.

Now we have made our speech as….. ….. as we could; for all you said was right and straight, we could find not fault with it. When we speak, we confirm we say with a belt.

Heathen? Delivered …. A white belt of 10 rows, with sloping rows …. Of purple wampum.