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Wampum Belt Archive


Douw-Ten Eyck Condolence Belt

NMAI 111829


Reproduction (shorter version with 9 rows)

Hamell March 22, 2001

Original Size:
Beaded length: 23 inches by 4.5 inches
Beaded length: 28.8 inches. Width 5.0. Total length with fringe: 48.8 inches
Columns: 173. Rows: 10. Total 1,730.
Warp: Deer Leather. Weft: artificial sinew.


Wampum belt given to the family of Caty Hoffman by the Six Nations in December 1775.

Reproduction made with old beads: Seneca Iroquois National Museum Salamanca NY.

Six Nations, ex NMAI 11/1229 condolence belt given by the Six Nations to Volkert Dow on the death of his daughter in 1775. Repatriated 1993.


National Museum of American Indian.