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Wampum Belt Photographs Archive


Guy Johnson Belt 001

One of the G.I. (or G.J.) belts (in Becker and Lainey, 2004: Harrington, 1908))

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Becker and Lainey (2004) suggested the photography above is one of seven Guy Johnson belts, circa 1780. See the article by Becker and Lainey for more information.


Becker, Marshall J. and Jonathan Lainey. 2004. Wampum Belts with Initials and/ or Dates as Design Elements: A Preliminary Review of One Subcategory of Political Belts. American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Vol. 28, No 2, pp. 25-45.

Harrington, M. R. 1908. Vestiges of Material Culture Among the Canadian Delaware. American Anthologist, Vol. 10, pl. XXIVb. (Now located in the American Museum of Natural History.