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1764 Treaty of Niagara Wabbicomicot Belt

There is no known illustration only its description in literature

The above belt reconstructed based on its description

Reproduction (R. D. Hamell) March 15 2018


Original Size:

Length: not given. Width: not given.


Beaded Length: 57 inches. Width: 11 inches. Total length with fringe: 81 inches.


Rows: 26 wide by 329 long. Total 8,554


Warp: Leather. Weave: Artificial Sinew.


Allan Corbiere sent me the description below and assisted in the interpretation and design of the belt.

[Sir William Johnson Papers, Vol XI: 303- 309]

At Conference with the Toughkinawinan Indians on Saturday July 28th, at Niagara —

Prest, as before

Sir Wm, addressed them as follows vizt.

Eod. Die- P:M.—Wabbicomicot a Chief of the Chippaweighs living near Toronto, with six others of his People came in, and after showing Sir Wm, a Pass, and Certificate from Major Gladwin of his good Officers, handed him a Calumet to smoke out of, and after handing it to all the Officers present, acquainted Sir William with the several Steps he had taken to convince the bad Indians at and about Detroit of their Error, that several Nations with whom he spoke had declared their Disaprobation of a War with the English, - that for his part, he was determined to hold the English fast by the Hand, and not forget what he heard Sir Wm, say to him, and the other Nations in 1761 at Detroit,-- that he was very poor, and hoped his Brother would Consider it- Gave a black Belt wth, 5 circles of white.

Sir Wm, after telling him that he was glad to see him at this Congress thanked him for his good Offices with the Sevl Nations he has been amongst since the Commencement of Hostilities; and after using several Arguments to shew the Madness of engaging in the War against so powerfull an Enemy as the English. The only people who can now Supply them with necessaries they want for their hunting, and their Support, concluded with advising him, and his People to continue their present was of thinking, and to use their Endeavors by good Council, or otherwise to bring the foolish drunken Indians to their Sense, so that the Road of Peace, and Trade may again be free, and open, as until that is done, no Trade will be allowed, which must greatly distress all the Indian Nations.—

A Belt

Then Sir Wm, produced a large Belt with a Figure representing Niagara's large House, and Fort, with two Men holding it fast on each side, and a Road through it, and desired that he, Wabbicomicot, and his People would come, and settle at their old Place of Abode near Toronto, and have a carefull eye always over said Fort, and Carrying Place, and see that nothing should hurt either, as they must feel the Loss as well as the English—

A Belt

Sir Wm, then gave him a Medal, another to his elder Brother Estawabey a third to his Brother in Law Weynakibio,—

Wabbicomicot returned Sir Wm, many Thanks for the good Words he spoke to him and his party, and told him that he was greatly pleased to hear he came up here about so good a Work as making Peace with the Indians,— also thanked him for the Clothing he promised to them,- repeated his good Disposition of Serving him, which Occasioned his coming here at this time, and further said, -Brother - On hearing of a Disturbance at Detroit, and found the Indians drunk there, I asked them whether, when you were there three Years ago, you advised them to any such thing,- surely no,- for I was present, and told them that I heard nothing from you, but what was for their Good, so then recommended to them to get sober, and think of your Words,—

Brother—I return you many thanks for the Kindness now shewn by us, by allowing us a little Trade.—We are convinced of it by your uprightness, and know that it is done with a View to make us good,— We hope we shall always remain firm friends, and be assured we will not any more regard evil Reports, but ever think of your Advice, which we now treasure in our Breasts - so ended—

Onondaga Records

At least 84 wampum belts were exchanged at this meeting


Corbiere, Alan. 2018. Personal Communications.