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Five Nations Alliance Belt

Original (Clarke, 1931)

Reproduction (R. D. Hamell) Mar. 30 2008


Original Size:

Length: 16.25 inches. Width: 2.0 inches. Rows wide: 7.


Beaded length: 26.5 inches. Width: 3.0 inches. Total length with fringe: 36.0 inches.


Rows: 153 by 7 beads wide. Total 1,071 beads.


Warp: artificial sinew. Weave: artificial sinew.


This is a dark purple belt woven on fine buckskin thongs which are double along the edges. It has a series of three open white diamond-shaped figures.

The name given this belt was applied when it contained five diamond-shaped figures. Doctor Beauchamp related ('01, p. 406) that he had seen the remainder of this belt and estimated that it measured 24 inches in length before mutilation. Mrs. Converse thought (Beauchamp, '01, p. 407) that the belt had been divided "according to the old law" for purposes of ransoming some prominent or important captive. She remarked that "this belt is exceptionally rare and has no duplicate." A. C. Parker believes that it was "used to signify the voice of the Confederacy in some international affair" and that the removal of the two diamond figures from the belt was caused by the dissension of two nations of the Confederacy to some proposal advanced in a council meeting.

Five Nations Alliance Belt. Said to have been in the custody of Mary Jemison (the white captive of the Senecas). Originally had five diamond-shopped figures and possibly divided because of the non-agreement of two nations at a council meeting.


Clarke, Noah T. 1931 NYS Mus. Bull. No. 288, Fig. 38.