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Double Calumet Belt

Original McCord Museum

Reproduction (R. D. Hamell)

Nov. 28 20077


Original Size:

Length: 3 feet 9 inches (probably missing 12 inches)


Beaded length: 58.0 inches,. Width: 4.5 inches. Total length with fringe: 69.0 inches.


Rows: 307 by 9 beads wide. Total beads: 2,763.


Warp: leather. Weave: artificial sinew.


Described originally by Horatio Hale (Clodd, 1904) in the Journal of the Anthropological Institute (xxvi. 3, pp. 221-254) as being on of the oldest dating from the mid-seventeenth century or earlier and is “named the Double Calumet Treaty Belt.” The belt was one of four referred to by Clodd as part of the Hale Series of Huron Wampum Belt, “which were presented by Dr. Tylor to the Pitt-Rivers Museum at Oxford in 1897.

Clodd described the belt as about 3 feet long and 9 beads wide made and on a background of “the most costly purple wampum there is the device of a council-hearth in what was probably the centre of the belt, flanked on one side by four and on the other side three double calumets, i.e. double-headed peace-pipes, each possessing a bowl at both ends. Clodd compared the double-headed calumets with the double-headed eagle of “some European powers.” Mr. Hale was informed by Mandorong, a Huron Chief, that it was “a peace belt, representing an important treaty or alliance of ancient times.” Hale stated this belt was probably one of the oldest belts being perhaps two and a half centuries old.

Stolle, Nickolaus (2016): Gift of E. B. Tylor in 1896, collected by Horatio Hale from Chief Joseph White at Anderdon Reserve, Ontario.


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McCord Museum. 690 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, CA H3A 1E9.

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