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Wyandot Chief Janih English Belt


Janith English Wampum Belt

Designed and made by Richard D. Hamell

June 11, 2020

Original Size:
Columns 195. Rows: 10. 88 shell wampum 1650. Total beads: 2,038
Beaded length: 31.0 inches. Width: 5 inches. Total w/fringe: 55.0 inches.
Columns:195. Rows: 10. Total beads: 2,038.
Warp: Deer leather. Weft: Artificial sinew.


Gift to the Wyandot of Kansas. The four human figures represent the four nations: Wyandot (Kansas), Wyandott (Oklahoma), Wyandot (Anderdon-Michigan) and the Wendake, Canada.

The hearts of the nations consist of 2 shell wampum for the 1650's western New Ozark State). The counsel fire and the 'star' spark above the flame are 40 ancient shell wampum represents the 400 years of the Wyandot nations.