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Anishinabe - Haudenosaunee Peace Belt


Courtesy Anishinake Confederacy

Courtesy Fadden

Original Size:
Estimated length: Rows: 11. Columns: 202. 9.35 inches by 4.0 inches
Beaded Length: 35 inches. Width: 4.0 inches. Length w/fringe: 59 inches
Rows: 202 by 11. Total Beads: 2,222
Weave and Weft: Artificial Sinew. End wrap: Muslin over leather.



The Friendship Belt Ojibwe and Mississauga Anishinaabeg and the Haudenosaunee in January 1840. This is the Friendship Belt and the symbols on the belt represent two nations joined together by the Path of Peace. One square represents the Anishinabek and the other square represents the Haudenosaunee. There will always be an open path between them. If one Nation is in need of assistance in times of war the other Nation will help and uphold this alliance (Corbiere, 2014)

This belt represents an alliance between the Nations. Also known as the Council Fire of the Six Nations, the white row between the two squares signifies the  path of peace from on Nation's territory and its own governing body to the other (Bardeau and Cardinal, 2010).

Very similar to the Brant belt but smaller.


Anishinabek Confederacy:

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