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Wampum Belt Archive


Abenaki 4 Circle Belt



Heyes Foundation #11/123



ca. 1600-1700



Original Size:
Estimated length: 32. inches. Width: 4.0 inches,
Beaded Length: 32.0 inches. Width: 4.0 inches. Length w/fringe: 52.0 inches
Columns: 204. Rows: 8. Total Beads: 1,632
Weave and Weft: Artificial Sinew. End wrap: Muslin over leather.

Collected by John Jay White prior to 1925

Circles/Hexagons - Algonkian and Haudenosaunre symbols indicate tribal locations, forts,or gathering place where allies could share resources.

Beads are irregular probably from mulptile sources, ie re-purposed.
Asymetry indicates the belt may have been longer


Courtesy of the Haudenosaunee Standng Commitee on Burial Rules and Regulations. Heye Foundation/Museum of the American Indian. Access#11/123