Photographs (left to right): All Tioga, Pennsylvania

Wampum Belt Archive

Drawing R.D.Hamell 05-01-2020

AMNH 50.1.1430

American Museum of Natural History, New York

Original Size:
6 Rows. Length: unknown
Length: 34 inches. Width: 3 inches. Length w/fringe 54 inches.
Rows: 6. Columns: 179. Total beads: 1,074.
Warp: Leather. Weft: Artificial sinew.


Gift of Erastus T. Tefft 1910. Collected among the Penobscot.


Speck, 1964. The function of wampum among the eastern Algonkian [1919]. New York: Kraus and Reprint Corporation. p. 23, Fig. 1.

Stolle, Nickolaus. 2016. Talking Beads: The history of wampum as a value and knowledge bearer, from its very first beginnings until today. Hamburg, Germany. ISSN 1437-7837