Photographs (left to right): Joshua Tree, Ridgecrest, California; Milkweed seed, Mendon Ponds Park, New York; William Smith College, Adirondacks, New York

Provenience Wampum Belt Archive

The following wampum belts are works in-progress. Hopefully, in time, detailed information on these objects and references can be provided and proper acknowledgement noted. The use of these photographs, drawings, and illustrations are for research purposes only. Wampum objects labeled as unknown is only a designation that the author has yet to determine their origin. In some case the provenience may have been lost to history and will be stated so on the individual web page. Any information visitors to this site can offer will be greatly appreciated and can be emailed to the Wampum Bear. Copyright laws may be in-effect.

Belts which have no Native providence the country or state are listed.

Purple bead heading indicates shell wampum construction

White bead indicates glass wampum.

Belt constructed with both shell and glass wampum

Belt constructed with both shell and metal beads.

quillBelt constructed with both glass beads and quill work

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3 V belt
1699 1699 1695


Levi General