Photographs (left to right): Belt Buckle; Letchworth State Park, NY; Striped lizard, Georgia

Welcome to the Bear's Den

Home of the Wampum Maker

Sharpshin Hawk (R.D.Hamell, 2014)


"Brethren, you came a great way to visit us, and many sorts of evils might have befallen you by the way which might have been hurtful to your eyes and inward parts, for the woods are full of evil spirits. We give you this string of wampum to clear up your eyes and mind and remove all the bitterness of your spirit that you may hear us speak in good cheer."

(quote on the plaque by the statue of Half-King at Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park.)

Photograph: Luna Moth Tioga Dam Overlook, PA. The red 'specks' on the tail are mites.

Richard D. Hamell

June 4, 2013